Juro-Clean NEMESIS
Our heavy-duty dry-suction unit NEMESIS is equipped with a powerful HIBON SIAV-8702 roots -compressor. With a suction power of 9690 m³/h and a vacuum capacity of 90 % you have all you need to perform any dry-suction jobs successfully. With our blow-ejector and a pressure capacity of 1 bar, you can move dry-materials successfully, even upwards. With our flexible 8” suction-boom you will work ergonomically from both high and low work-areas.

Thanks to the hydraulic discharge-door between the filter chamber and tank, the filter chamber can be easily cleaned. The filter chamber is also equipped with a side-door for easy maintenance or replacing of the filter bags. Open the side-door hydraulic locks and pull out the filter plate by hand. The filter plate can be lifted and removed with the suction-boom.

As an optional feature, we also offer a high-pressure water pump for smaller jetting-, or cleaning-jobs. Juro-Clean NEMESIS is available in different versions, tailored to our customers needs.