The versatile contractor's friend! Juro-Clean Hybrid is a fully combined suction and jetting unit that also can handle the most common dry-suction jobs. The filter chamber is equipped with a side door for easy checking, cleaning or replacement of the filters. Just open the side door and pull out the filter plate by hand. The filter plate can be lifted with the suction boom. When needed, the filter chamber can be used as an additional water compartment. In wet-suction mode, the airflow is directed past the filter chamber, this to avoid unnecessary contamination of the filters. We offer a wide range of technical solutions according to customer requirements.

Juro-Clean Hybrid är utrustad med en HIBON 822 XL roots -kompressor som standard. Den ger ett luftflöde på 4635 m³/h och en vacuumkapacitet på 90%. För högtrycks vattenspolning används en HPT -tryckomvandlare, 250 l/min, 200 bar.